How To Create Product Post In Median UI Theme?

Product Post

How To Create Product Type Post in Median UI 1.5 Blogger Theme

You just need to use a code to add product type post in median ui because css code of product type post is already putted in theme. We have given only below html codes, wherever you want to create product page, paste those codes there. 

Use the Below HTML codes to Add product Type Post in Median Ui v1.5.

<div class="separator"> <img alt='Image_title' src='Image_src' /> </div> <!--[ Price to show in homepage ]--> <div class='proPrice' data-text='Price'>0 BDT / Free</div> <!--more--> <div class="proInfo"> <div class="proInfoL"><small>Name</small><span>Theme_Name</span></div> <div class="proInfoR"><small>Theme Size</small><span>00.00 KB (.zip file)</span></div> </div> <!--[ Active function ]--> <input class='allTabs hidden' id='forall-tabs1' type='radio' name='postTabs' checked> <input class='allTabs hidden' id='forall-tabs2' type='radio' name='postTabs'> <input class='allTabs hidden' id='forall-tabs3' type='radio' name='postTabs'> <div class='postTabs'> <div class='tabsHead'> <!--[ Change atribute data-text='...' to replace tabs title ]--> <label for='forall-tabs1' data-text='Details'></label> <label for='forall-tabs2' data-text='Features'></label> <label for='forall-tabs3' data-text='Demo/Download'></label> </div> <div class='tabsContent'> <!--[ Tabs content ]--> <div class='tabsContent-1'> <!--[ Your content goes here ]--> </div> <!--[ Tabs content ]--> <div class='tabsContent-2'> <!--[ Your content goes here ]--> </div> <!--[ Tabs content ]--> <div class='tabsContent-3'> <a class="button" href="Your_Url" rel="no-follow" target="_blank"> <i class="icon demo"></i>Demo</a> <a class="button" href="Your_Url" rel="no-follow" target="_blank"><i class="icon download"></i>Download</a> <a class="button" href="Your_Url" rel="no-follow" target="_blank"><i class="icon telegram"></i>Telegram</a> </div> </div> </div>

Use This Code On Your Labels Option ...... Product ......


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