What is Download Time?

Download Time means the average time to download any page related to the Services, including all content contained therein.

What is Download Timer?

The Countdown timer is intended to tell you how long you should expect it to take for the file to download. Unfortunately the countdown timer is not too accurate. Download speed can vary during the download, which will change the time to download.

Please wait, starting download in 15 seconds

Why to Use Extra Download Page and Timer?

Well. We started a blog in the aim of earning money so you will be finding ways to earn more with your site visitors. So it is very easy to create.

Advantage of Download Page with timer:

  • If you have AdSense or using any other ad networks , By using this code before downloading will help you to increase the earnings
  • It will reduce the bounce rate of your site
  • When user is waiting he may see other posts of your site and may get attracted. 

Disadvantage of Download Page with timer:

  • Visitors may get disturbed, In some sites there will be more than 15 seconds timer
  • Users may leave the site due to long timer etc..